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Environmental Headshots

Environmental Headshots

There are many things to consider when preparing for your Environmental Headshots. You must first determine what you are trying to accomplish with your headshot image. Are you a Real Estate Agent trying to portray an inviting and trustworthy expression? Or are you a Surgeon trying to show your expertise and focus? Are you a Preschool teacher trying to show your kind heart and comforting, gentle, and dependable nature? Your overall goal is the first thing we ask when booking your headshot session. When choosing a background, lighting set up, and expression we always keep your overall goal in mind.

In addition to the studio headshot sessions we also provide environmental sessions! We use the same flattering professional lighting set up, focus on expression, and the overall message of your headshot. However, we utilize indoor or outdoor natural elements to create the background of your headshot image. In our environmental sessions we bring our studio to you! Since it is all about the environment in which we shoot as well as who you are.

An environmental headshot has the added benefit of telling a little more about the person being photographed. The background elements will accentuate what the subject does, who he or she is, and help to tell a story about their profession. Environmental headshots can also have a more intimate feel to them. Environmental headshots have a greater authenticity and genuine feeling as you give the viewer an invite into where they can be found on an everyday basis. The subject is essentially inviting the viewer into their personal work environment, favorite place, or even their home. This portraiture illuminates the subject’s life and surroundings. For this reason most of these images showcase a wider and even full length framing than the standard head and shoulders studio headshot crop.

As we capture your images you are able to view them in real time, this allows you to make any adjustments necessary for a perfect final image! Our in-house photoshop professional will then retouch and enhance your favorite images and will provide them to you in a timely fashion. All retouched images will be provided to you in both web resolution (LinkedIn & other social profiles) and high resolution files.

Contact us to book your Environmental Headshot session! Have an appointment and not sure how to prepare for your session? Click here for more information!

All of our Environmental Headshot session comply with COVID – 19 safety precautions and guidelines. For more information on our COVID-19 protocol click here!

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