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Headshot Photography

Having a timeless and all around great Headshot is necessary for looking professional in business. This is particularly important in today’s work from home environment. With most of our interactions online it is more important than ever to establish yourself as a professional. Your headshot image is your identity. Your portrait from Brian Ambrose Photography will help you put your best foot forward. In a world with a forever scrolling audience it takes something special for someone to stop scrolling and want to know more. What is more special than you? There is so much that is unique about each of us! We ensure that you will leave the studio with a portrait that you are proud of, excited about, and that makes you feel good about YOU.

Studio Headshots

Studio Headshots are the best way to showcase you as an individual. In studio photography the use of a simple, solid color backdrop and soft studio lighting allows your unique features and personality to be the center of attention. Through the use of lighting, background color, and expression you can convey a bright, friendly, and inviting image or even a strong, stern, and assertive image.  Click here for more information on Studio Headshots and to view the gallery!

Environmental Headshots

Environmental Headshots

In addition to the studio headshot sessions we also provide environmental sessions! However, we utilize indoor or outdoor natural elements to create the background of your headshot image. An environmental headshot has the added benefit of telling a little more about the person being photographed.  Click here for more information on Environmental Headshots and to view the gallery!


Team Portraits

More than just individual portraits sometimes it is equally important to show a group photo of you and your team members! In many professions customers need to know that there is a whole team behind them rather than just one individual. For that reason a strong and assertive team photo can get that message across in seconds!  Click here for more information on Team Portraits and to view the gallery!


Modeling & Acting Portfolio

Modeling & ActingIt is very important for your success in modeling/acting for you to make a great first impression! In almost every case that means you need a breathtaking portfolio. Before you have any chance to wow recruiters and hiring teams with an in-person audition you must first capture their attention with an outstanding portfolio.  Click here for more information on Modeling & Acting Portfolio sessions and to view the gallery!


Small Business & Creative Branding Images

Small Business & Branding

All professions require headshots not only the Corporate Business world. Whether you are a Sales Associate at a high end Jewelry store, Hairstylist, MakeUp Artist, or a Chef at a five star restaurant it is important to put a face to YOUR business. In creative fields it is not only important to show who you are but what you do!  Click here for more information on Small Business & Creative Branding sessions and to view the gallery!




Our in-house photoshop professional will then retouch and enhance your favorite images and will provide them to you in a timely fashion. All retouched images will be provided to you in both web resolution (LinkedIn & other social profiles) and high resolution files. Would you like to schedule a headshot session? Click here to contact us!  Once your headshot session is scheduled visit our blog for more information about how to prepare for your headshot session!