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Modeling & Acting

Modeling & Acting

For success in Modeling and Acting, the first step is a great portfolio. In Modeling and acting, first-impressions mean everything. Most times, your portfolio is the sole deciding factor of if you even are allowed to audition. For this reason, you need six to twenty amazing photographs that showcase your talent as a model or actor.

We combine studio work with outdoor scenery to compile a versatile group of images to help you put your best foot forward when applying to any calling! We focus on expressions, background, and lighting in our modeling sessions. The studio work features a solid colored background and makes your unique physical appearance shine. The use of simple backgrounds, lighting techniques, and different camera angles accentuates your abilities to portray various expressions. In addition to emotion, it shows how you can evoke different moods. Our use of outdoor scenery helps to showcase your ability to work with any set or scene. In these photographs, we show your ability to utilize your environment elements and perform as any character given.

As we capture your images, you can view them in real-time, allowing you to make any adjustments necessary for a perfect final image! After, our in-house photoshop professional will then retouch and enhance your favorite photos and provide them to you in a timely fashion. All retouched images will be emailed to you in web resolution (LinkedIn & other social profiles) and high-resolution files.

Modeling & Acting Portfolios

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