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Studio Headshots

Studio Headshots

Our studio is conveniently located in Glastonbury, CT and is COVID-19 safe and certified. We are also equipped to bring our full studio setup to your location! We service all of Connecticut including the Greater Hartford area, New Haven, Stamford, and all counties.

There are many things to consider when preparing for your Studio Headshot. You must first determine what you are trying to accomplish with your headshot image. Are you a Real Estate Agent trying to portray an inviting and trustworthy expression? Or are you a Surgeon trying to show your expertise and focus? Are you a Preschool teacher trying to show your kind heart and comforting, gentle, and dependable nature? Your overall goal is the first thing we ask when booking your headshot session. When choosing a background, lighting set up, and expression we always keep your overall goal in mind.

We offer a variety of backgrounds for your professional studio headshot. Some background options include: black, various shades of grey, shades of white, and shades of blue. Choosing a background color is very important for evoking a certain feel or sensibility in your headshot image. A bright white background allows the subject to pop! A soft white background with a warm tone evokes a gentle feel. While a black background can be seen as serious. We can also meet your company guidelines by replacing or digitally modifying your headshot’s background using Photoshop. When looking at a company “Meet the Team” page it is important to have consistent backgrounds to show unity.

We always use different lighting techniques and top of the line professional equipment. We use soft flattering lighting for most headshot sessions. In some cases we use more dramatic lighting to portray different looks and evoke different emotions.

The last factor in your studio headshot is your expression. This is so important with a studio headshot because with a solid colored background your expression really plays a big part in the overall feel of your image. In most cases people try to achieve a warm and approachable smile. However, in some cases other expressions are necessary. A stern and closed mouth smile may work best to present yourself as a serious business professional or lawyer. We will work with you to achieve whatever expression you are looking for! We have extensive experience in making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. This is key for capturing genuine expressions.

As we capture your images you are able to view them in real time, this allows you to make any adjustments necessary for a perfect final image!

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