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Butterfly Exhibit Proposal

The day had come for Kelsey’s Butterfly Exhibit Proposal to Rachel! Brian made his way to the Science Center in Hartford to capture the special moment!

Kelsey found our website through a google search, she liked all our work, and contacted us for photos! We were very eager to get to be a part of this proposal! We have photographed proposals before and always had so much fun doing so!

After a brief phone call we got all the details! The Butterfly exhibit has special meaning to Kelsey & Rachel! Therefore Kelsey planned to propose to Rachel inside the exhibit with butterflies all around! She chose to do so in front of the stunning Epiphyte tree inside the exhibit. A beautiful centerpiece inside the Butterfly Encounter and hosts a variety of epiphytes (air plants) including bromeliads and orchids. Brian arrived ahead of Kelsey & Rachel to scope out this area and take his place hidden inside the exhibit! He photographed some butterflies inside the exhibit as he waited for them to arrive!

Once Brian saw them he could not wait for the moment to take place! He snapped away as Kelsey started to get on one knee! Of course Rachel SAID YES! After the two shared a special embrace Brian went over to them to take some more staged and posed engagement photos. Additionally he took some photos of them enjoying the butterflies in the exhibit. Kelsey also gave Rachel a meaningful book by Matt Haig called “Notes on a Nervous Planet” and inside she wrote a note asking her to be my girlfriend. She wanted to replicate this when she proposed so Kelsey gave her a book about butterflies with an inscription asking her to be her wife.

Prior to the shoot Brian contacted the Science Center to get photo permission and access to the rooftop garden. So next we headed up to the roof deck for some more images & finished off the photoshoot in front of the Science Center’s heart monument!

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