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Backyard Family Portrait

It was a beautiful Tuesday Evening as Brian made his way over to his former High School Journalism teacher’s house for their Backyard Family Portrait! Her class was one of his favorite classes in school! It was such an honor that she reached out to trust him with capturing her memories with all her family!

Once at the house, after meeting everyone and catching up a bit it was time to get into the photos! First he captured some lovely portraits of Blakes and her three adorable grandkids! After it was onto photos of just the grandkids together. Followed by photos of each family together with and without grandma Blakes in them! With some individual portraits of each grandkid mixed in! Then we ran through all our usual family combinations. All the ladies, each grandkid with each parent, the parents together, her with her two kids, and so much more! To close out the shoot it was time to let the kids run around together and take some fun candids and we absolutely could not forget portraits of the puppies!

Brian had so much fun capturing these for his favorite teacher! It was made all the more special when she wrote us a lovely handwritten note as a thank you! Notes like these that show Clients appreciation of our hard work mean so much to us! We even made her some beautiful albums from all of the pictures taken for each family to have a copy.

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