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Elizabeth Park Summer Proposal

Today on the blog we are highlighting this Elizabeth Park Summer Proposal with Josiah & Christine! We met Josiah back in 2017 when we photographed his Headshots! He kept us in mind for future photo needs and sure enough we received a call about how he was planning to propose to his girlfriend! After talking with Brian they met at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford and did a run-through of the plan the day before. Josiah was feeling SO excited and ready to propose.

The day of the proposal had come. It was a hot and steamy 90+ degree day. However, that did not matter. Brian was in place as they had discussed the day before. Then he spotted the two of them headed his way! It was go time! A perfect proposal and the quickest yes we have seen! They were both overcome with joy and happy tears! After some photos together, and a visit from a bunny (see below) to share in their joy, they took the time to tell us their whole story. Oh boy, is it good! And you are in luck because they gave us permission to tell their story here!

It all started back in 2008. Josiah has a DJ company that hosts karaoke events. Sure enough this beautiful girl attended one of his karaoke events, Christine. That night they slow danced and chatted and sure enough they hit it off! For about a year Christine attended his karaoke events until she had to leave to finish her residency. They loosely stayed in touch with a hello now and then however, they dated other people. Fast forward to a year ago and as he was leaving a restaurant fate stepped in he saw her standing out in front. She seemed to be waiting for someone so Josiah decided not to say hi and left discouraged and sad. A few days later after she hadn’t left his thoughts he decided to reach out to her on Facebook.

After talking with her he found out that she had recently moved back to the area and in fact was not in a relationship she was waiting for her parents outside the restaurant. Once again she decided to attended one of his karaoke events. They got to catching up and told each other all that had happened in their lives over the years. They both shared their feelings about each other. Come to find out they both had feelings for each other since 2008! They started dating and obviously the rest is history! Now they are engaged and cannot wait to get to planning their Wedding!

We could not be happier for them! Congratulations to Josiah & Christine!

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