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ERAS Residency Application Photo

It is the time of year for ERAS Residency Applications! One very important part is your ERAS Residency Application Photo. After all, it is an integral part of the application as faculty members will view this photo while determining your candidacy for residency. Below are some tips for getting your photo right!

1. Hire a Professional!

There is a so much that a professional will bring to your portrait. At Brian Ambrose Photography we ensure a fun and comfortable environment for all to be photographed. We also use the best professional equipment. Our professional lighting system makes each individual look their very best. We know how to make your personality shine and how to make everyone feel like the best version of themselves in front of the camera. At Brian Ambrose Photography we coach you through the process. This includes providing advise on what to wear, how to prepare for your portrait, and helping with the final image selection. We help all of our clients achieve a personable, confident, and welcoming expression in their headshots. Faculty members make rapid judgments about how serious you are based on the way your ERAS photo appears. A professional image quickly communicates someone who has invested in their future.

2. Photo Sizing/Requirements!

A photo file should not exceed these requirements:

  • Dimensions: 2.5 in. x 3.5 in.
  • Resolution: 150dpi
  • File Size: 150kb
  • Front View of head & shoulders & subject centered
  • Photo must be in color

If your photo fails to meet the specific standards, faculty may not even evaluate your submission. If scheduling an ERAS Portrait session with us we will handle this step for you! Just show up for your session and you will receive your favorite image, retouched, and emailed to you sized perfectly and ready for uploading!

3. When do I schedule my ERAS Portrait Session?

Timing is KEY! DO NOT miss the deadline for submission! The ERAS Residency Timeline is here to help you! As you can see we are already well into the 2024 ERAS season! Residency programs may start viewing your application as soon as September 27th at 9am! So schedule your ERAS Portrait Session TODAY! Click here for more information and some FAQ’s! We offer fast turnaround on all final images. At your portrait session you will select your favorite image & will receive your final retouched and sized image files within three days with a rush delivery available if necessary.

4. Acceptable backgrounds for your ERAS Portrait!

It is advised that a white or light gray background is preferred! At Brian Ambrose Photography we prefer the white background as it really makes you as the subject pop! It provides a high key and modern look to your image and blends into the “page white” of most websites. Do NOT use anything other than a plain studio background as Faculty members are less likely to take your portrait seriously and may disregard your application.

5. What do I wear for my ERAS Portrait Session?

It is advised that you “look the part!” This means that you should dress as you would to go to an interview for a Residency opportunity. A professional look is very important. Dark, solid, & rich colors look best. The contrast of dark clothing on a white or light gray background will help to make you pop in the image. Avoid patterns as they can be busy in an image and detract from highlighting your face and personality! Both Men & Women should wear a suit jacket and Men must wear a tie. Avoid low-cut clothing and too much jewelry. Any makeup should look natural to highlight facial features and hair should look clean and professional. It is advised that you clean up stray facial hair to have an overall clean-cut and put-together appearance. Your clothing and background choice will make you look professional, trustworthy, and serious about your future. However, do not forget to SMILE! A smile communicates a warm, kind, and approachable look!

We are available to all of our clients for any questions regarding what to wear prior to your session so feel free to ASK US ANYTHING!

For more information about headshots – click here! 

To contact us to schedule your ERAS portrait session click here!







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