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Corporate Headshot Projects

Brian Ambrose Photography is more than just weddings & family photos! Another aspect of photography we love working on is corporate headshot projects! A lot of companies have contacted us about a new look for their company website and headshot photos! These corporate headshot projects are always so fun to see come to life!

The process is simple! We start with a consultation via email or phone call to discuss your vision & ideas! Some companies love an environmental look utilizing their unique office spaces or outdoor scenery specific to their line of work. Other companies prefer the traditional backdrop of various shades of grey, white, or blue. We can photograph individuals both in our studio or on-site at your office!

The next step is to schedule the shoot for when is best for you! Prior to the shoot we can schedule location scouting at your office! This particular headshot project wanted an environmental background in the office that utilized their floor to ceiling windows and unique walkway space. We were also able to create a “digital background” of this space so that other subjects could be placed onto this background in the future. That way as new hires need headshots they can simply come to our studio to be photographed and placed onto the background without any further disturbance to the office space! We work quick and efficiently when on-site to minimize our use of your office space and ensure no wasted time.

We just love how unique these corporate headshots and group photos came out! They have a friendly and inviting look and showcase each unique individual. These final crops showcase a wider crop than a standard corporate headshot.

In need of a fresh new look for your company headshots? Has it been more than five years since your last headshot was taken? Contact us for an update!

Visit our Headshots Page for more information! Have a headshot appointment scheduled? Visit how to prepare for your headshot for more information!


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