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Website Branding Project

We love all projects that are presented to us. However, it is rare that we get to assist other small businesses make their branding vision come to life! This was the case when we were presented with a Website Branding Project from Advanced Endodontics in Farmington, CT. 

We consulted with the owners, husband and wife powerhouse couple, Danna & Jacob Saidon, ahead of our shoot to get a feel for the vision of the new website! Then the shot list was made, the shoot date was set, and it was time to get to photographing! 

We arrived on site at the office in Farmington on a gloomy and rainy day. After a brief discussion with Danna and Jacob, he started on the shot list! First, we photographed the entryway from the exterior hallway. After that, we moved onto the waiting room and the front desk. A large group of our key shots included patient participation. This worried us a bit because typically we like to “models” in place for these shots. However, as Advanced Endopdontics’ clients arrived for their scheduled appointments many were excited to offer themselves as subjects in our images!

As we made our way through the shot list we also captured other shots that naturally arose as we were photographing. Shots that didn’t make it on the original shot list but we’re important in the telling of their brand story. We love the ability to offer our clients above and beyond their vision and watch the overall project come to life in a way that was not anticipated! That truly was the case on this project! But don’t take our word for it, take a look at their new website and see for yourself!

We cannot wait to be a part of making another creative vision come to life with our photographs! Have a vision for some new branding images or website photos? Take a look at some of our promotional/product portfolio & contact us today!

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