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Client Spotlight – Algiere Family

Our first ever Client Spotlight! Welcome to this exciting new Blogpost segment! Through the years Brian Ambrose Photography has had so many amazing clients! We owe all of our success and many years in business to everyone who has trusted us with capturing their precious memories! This is one of the most rewarding parts of our job! We just love to see our clients face exciting milestones and grow over the years! One of these clients is the Algiere family! It all started with some senior photos and now we have photographed all of their most amazing memories!

In preparing for this first Client Spotlight Dominique formulated some questions to send over to Kim Algiere. As always, when working with Kim and the Algiere family, what Dominique received in return was so much better than just brief responses. Kim took the time to gather her thoughts into the below paragraphs that brought tears to our eyes!

We are the Algiere family. Living in Glastonbury, we’ve been blessed to raise our children in this beautiful community and all that comes with it, which brings me to Brian Ambrose Photography.

It has always been my belief that moments matter, milestones and achievements should be celebrated, and these special memories should be forever cherished, not only now but for generations to come.

Having seen their work along the way, I started frequenting their website and, in recent years, following their blog. What struck me was that while there are many photographers to choose from, they had the exceptional gift of capturing so much more than just pictures or portraits. So, when our daughters began their senior years, soon to be the close of one chapter and the beginning of another, there was only one choice: Brian Ambrose Photography. With each, we chose locations that honored where they grew up and who they were as individuals, including our dogs and their sports.

Next was our daughter’s wedding, a day she had dreamed of and one we knew would instantly feel like it was over. It began in Elizabeth Park with a spectacular engagement photo shoot.  These photos showed their love and commitment to one another, which we gifted and used for their save-the-dates and invitations. This was followed by detailed questionnaires and meetings that allowed us to be thoughtful about her day yet still be efficient with time. Whether we look back at the fine details such as her bouquet with pendants of her deceased grandmothers or the rings lying on their invitation, their first look with so much love and joy, the many candids on and off the dance floor, family photos (and there were many, yet no one was missed thanks to their preparation!) or the many moments we would have missed if it weren’t for their keen eye, we are forever grateful—Brian and Dominique’s years of experience and industry knowledge made for a perfect day.

 As with all families, life seems far too busy, and time moves faster than we’d like.  With two of our children married and our youngest heading off to college, three of the four would be a flight away; we decided it was time for a family portrait session with Brian and Dominique. As it turned out, our day looked like rain or massive humidity, neither of which sounded great.  But once again, because of Brian’s years of expertise and creativity, he brought us to the Glastonbury Boathouse, where the weather didn’t matter.  Our formal poses and candid moments filled with laughter and smiles were fantastic! Not only do we have many beautiful photos we’ve shared with family and friends over the years, thanks to Brian Ambrose Photography, we have cherished memories to pass down to future generations. And that is what keeps us coming back!

Kim’s response to some simple questions has been one of those “Ah-Ha moments!” This is why we do what we do. This is why we love what we do.

Above all, this is why our job and our clients are THE BEST. Most importantly, this is why we chose to take the time to showcase them with this new Client Spotlight Blog segment!

Thank you to all of our clients through the years! We cannot wait to feature more of our amazing clients!



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