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Venue Spotlight – The Bristol Event Center

Welcome to our Venue Spotlight! A new Blog segment where we will be showing off some of our favorite Wedding Venues and highlighting our favorite features and facts about each of them!

For our next Venue Spotlight we are showcasing – The Bristol Event Center! The Bristol Event Center is a BRAND NEW venue is Bristol, CT!

There is a never ending list of things to love about The Bristol Event Center!

Some of our Favorite Features are as follows:
– Above all, it is Brand New! As a matter of fact it is so new that it is still being built! However, we have not only seen the renderings for what they are building but also visited the site a few times to see the scale of the venue, the progress they have made, and all the plans starting to come to life! They are putting in all the latest technology and there is not a single detail they have not considered in the creation of this amazing new space!
– On-site Ceremony Location & Bridal Suite AS WELL AS hotel accommodations right on site as well!
– Amazing Food – we just photographed their Chef and after getting to talk with him for some time we are SO excited about the food will be cooking up at The BEC it all sounds amazing!
– Wonderful Staff – all of which we have had the pleasure of photographing for their Website “About Us”! After chatting with them through their headshot sessions & various site walk-throughs it has been great to get to know them all! In short, they are all amazing people!
– Stunning natural light – Their Ballroom has floor to ceiling windows and even a large “garage door” style section of the wall that will be able to fully open the ballroom to their patio!

We took some time to chat with Sarah, the Wedding & Social Sales Specialist of BEC! Here is what she had to say:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself! What is your favorite part about your job at The Bristol Event Center? How did you get started at The BEC? What is your background/past jobs that prepared you for your position at The BEC?

I have always known that I wanted to be in the hospitality industry. While my degree is in communications, all of my internship and work experience was in events. I got my start working in a hotel about 10 years ago. I started as a support staff and worked my way to detailing events in my last job. During the pandemic, I started my own event planning company, which led me to where I am today.

I’ve always known I wanted to do social events so having the opportunity to be the Wedding and Social Sales Specialist for the event center is really cool. I’ve always loved starting with a vision and being able to bring it to life. My favorite part about my job is that we are all starting from scratch with a new build. It’s exciting to be the one creating our collateral and putting guidelines into place. I’ve also loved watching the building being built. Even though I came in towards the middle of the construction, it’s amazing to see new additions whenever I go in for a tour.

2. What makes the Bristol Event Center unique? What benefits does booking a BRAND NEW venue offer your brides?

I think what makes the BEC Unique is just that – we are a unique venue.  We will be one of the only venues in the state with floor to ceiling windows in the ballroom; the natural light will be breathtaking.  Our ballroom features 30-foot ceilings which is also not as common amongst wedding venues.  The BEC is a modern venue with a lot of advanced technology that we are excited for. Besides being brand new – brides should look forward to no detail being missed. We promise to make every wedding and bride feel special.

3. We have been loving your “Wedding Wednesdays” tips/tricks/info on all things Weddings! What gave you the idea for this fun segment? What is your favorite part about bringing this info to all your viewers?

Thank you! When I first started back in February, my General Manager and I sat down to come up with some fun and inventive ways to get our name out there and get people interested in having their event here. I used to run a “Wedding Wednesday” segment with my company, so I thought what better way to continue that now? We both started rattling off ideas and it’s been such a fun way to share my knowledge but also get creative!

4. What trends have you been seeing for 2023 & 2024 Weddings?

Some trends I’ve been seeing is lots of colors and florals.  A lot of weddings I’ve seen have had their bridesmaids in mismatched floral dresses, which I think is such a pretty and unique trend. I’ve also seen weddings where their florals are all colors – pinks, blues, yellows, etc. with a solid color bridesmaid dress and accent colors and it’s absolutely stunning! I’ve talked about both of these during my wedding Wednesday segment.

5. Having gotten recently married yourself – what is one thing you are so happy you included for your own wedding? And one thing you wish you had done?

I got married during the pandemic, so instead of having the wedding my husband and I were planning for, we got married in my husband’s grandparent’s backyard. We had about 20 family members and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! It was such a beautiful and intimate day. I am so happy that I still had our wedding photographer come to capture the day – those photos hold such happy memories. I don’t think there’s anything I would’ve done differently that day, it was perfect.

6. Tell us anything else you would like to share about your personal life, work life, fun facts, or more!

I am a mom to an almost two-year-old little girl. She keeps me on my toes but is so fun to be around (I am 100% obsessed with her!) In my spare time I love to read, go to the beach, hang out with family and cook/bake. I can recite the entire musical Hamilton to you if you ask, but I doubt you want to sit here for three and a half hours to listen to my beautiful voice. I am a big Yankees fan and an even bigger Swiftie.


We love The Bristol Event center & cannot wait to photograph many Weddings to come at this lovely venue! Be sure to take a look at all they have to offer for your Wedding Day! They are even currently running a special for their 2024 Weddings! See the details below!


For info about The Bristol Event Center visit their website!

Visit our Weddings Page & Blog for more Wedding photos by us!

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