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Eye Pillow Product Shoot

We love to help people’s creative vision come to life. This Eye Pillow Product shoot is one of our favorite examples of this! When talking to our friends over at CT Family Acupuncture we found out that Matt created these awesome Eye Pillows! They are eye masks filled with crystals which have different healing purposes! We got to talking about how Matt was in need of images in order to sell his creation! After some time discussing his vision for the photographs we got to work on this Eye Pillow Product Shoot!

He was in need of not only images of the product itself but also some photographs of a model using the product! Brian right away thought of long time employee Dominique! Maybe he could coax her out from behind the camera & laptop to appear in some of the photographs! It took less convincing than he anticipated since she jumped at the opportunity!

Then it was time to discuss the overall vision! After discussing the outfit choice and nail color options the vision was clear! We had decided on a neutral light pink color so that her nails had a bit of color but not too bright of a color that it was distracting from the product being the center of attention in the images! Dominique headed out to Sera Nails! Brian was on his way to pick up the product! The outfit choice of black leggings & a white tank offered both a light and darkness to the images for contrast. Hair & makeup was kept natural and simple. We decided on a teal yoga mat and instead of rolling down the white background as initially anticipated we opted to use the studio’s natural wood floors!

The whole vision came to life BEAUTIFULLY!

However, our work was not done after taking the photos. When shooting we are always keeping the ideas flowing and trying new angles, poses, and any other thoughts that come up in the moment! For this reason Matt was provided an online gallery of 874 total images to choose from! He went through and “favorited” his top shots! From there the images go to retouching and enhancing. This includes fine tuning of color, brightness, contrast, etc. As well as edits for blemishes and other distracting elements.

It is very popular to silhouette product images in image post-processing. This means to remove the background and create a transparent png file. This way the product stands on its own and whatever the website page color is will come through as the background. This is very helpful in layering images/digitally changing background and also for display purposes where perhaps the same image will be used on multiple backgrounds. Below is a visual sample of how we do that in photoshop! As you can see the product & hands holding the product have been selected out and the rest of the image has been removed. After sending over the final files to Matt he expressed how excited he was with the final product!

Next thing we knew we could see the work live on AMAZON! Click here to see the listing & get your very own crystal eye pillow today! We cannot wait to be a part of making another creative vision come to life with our photographs! Need product or promotional photos? Take a look at some of our promotional/product portfolio & contact us today!

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