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Dancing Queen Studio Shoot

We had so much fun with this dancing queen studio shoot! Little Skylar arrived at our studio with a big smile on her face and a handful of all her favorite dance costumes! This little firecracker is going into her sixth year of dancing… and she’s only in second grade! It was amazing to watch Skylar light up as she talked about her passion for dancing. She said, “When I dance I feel excited and happy!”

She attends the Ana Grace Academy of the Arts Elementary School in Avon, CT and also dances at Dance 10 Studio in Wethersfield, CT. Skylar does all forms of dance – ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical, and acro! She is an amazingly a talented little girl!

Skylar comes from a long line of dancers… it’s in her DNA! Her mother, Margot, is a former dance and instructor and taught all the way up to the May before Skylar was born. Her mother said, “Since before she started formal training she has been making up dances and feeling the beat. Her favorite forms of dance are jazz and hip hop, although she loves all dance.” Also, what a small world it is because her mother Margot works with David Alan Catering – an amazing catering company we work with on many many weddings!

Skylar wants to be a professional dancer and she is well on her way as she pursues her dream! What an inspiration she is to everyone. It is amazing to see anyone (let alone someone so young) so passionate and driven! We cannot wait to see what she accomplishes in the dancing world! She is truly destined for greatness. 

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