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Marlborough Family Portrait

Happy Holidays and what better way to celebrate then a Marlborough family shoot! What a pleasure it was to photograph this family. Knowing their relative Mark the Shark as well as we do we expected nothing less than a fun and exciting shoot.

Their beautiful home in Marlborough, CT was the perfect location for these photos. Don’t worry everyone Blake “wasn’t cold” in his T-shirt in the 30 degree weather. We were excited to get started and the family was ready and complete with the older sons two girlfriends one all the way from Indiana and the other from Ohio!

The scenery could not be more picturesque! With rolling hills, a beautiful stone wall, a frozen over pond, glowing evening light, and a red barn that looks so perfect you would think it was photoshopped in! The photos were bound to be stunning!

After freezing outside for a little we decided to head into their gorgeous home. The Christmas shoot would not have been complete without Ava (their adorable kitten) and her elf costume making an appearance! Their stockings were hung by the fireplace and their home bar was decorated and made the perfect location for some photos!

It was such a pleasure photographing and getting to know this family! It made it all the better to meet them at one of our favorite breakfast shots Ken’s Corner this morning to hand deliver their photos! Happy Holidays everyone!

“We wish you a Holiday thats better than your dreams, filled with peace and love and firelight that gleams. Overflowing with Holiday Spirit, good food, and Holiday laughter; and when it’s done we hope that you live happily ever after!”


Marlborough, CT

Ken’s Corner Breakfast

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