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New Haven Engagement Shoot

It was a beautiful Thursday and everyone’s spirits were high coming off of a lovely holiday! The weather was quite warm for the end of December and the sun was shining as we made our way toward East Rock Park for a beautiful New Haven Engagement shoot.

As we got to the park we soon found out from Amanda & Phill that the summit was closed that day! Oh no! We were a little bummed but as we looked around some of the surrounding areas were equally as pretty! Amanda and Phill loaded out of their car followed by their two adorable fluffy puppies! They were so energetic and so cute. We made our way toward some really pretty wooded areas to start off the Engagement session. We love having the opportunity to do engagement photos with our couples before Wedding Day! It is such a fun way to get to know our couples and for them to be comfortable in front of the camera and get to know us! Amanda and Phil were having so much fun! We decided it was time for a change of scenery and an outfit change as well!

A few years ago we photographed a wedding where the bride and groom met while in school at Yale. So we knew of another spot we wanted to go to after for some more photos – Yale’s Campus! As we drove through to find a place to park we knew we had made the right decision going there! The whole campus is made up of beautiful building filled with character and stunning landscaping!

As we found a place to park we met back up with Amanda and Phill they had slipped into a really awesome couple of new outfits! Amanda’s striped shirt and fun overalls were so cute! And Phill was looking spiffy in a maroon button down that matched some of Amanda’s stripes!

As wandered around the campus we came to the conclusion that Amanda & Phill are some of the happiest people we had probably ever met. These two could not stop smiling and laughing with each other!

All the buildings had fun little nooks with beautiful windows and fancy doors! As we used all the sides of one building we even found a very cool antique gate in the back! We decided to finish up at one last building. A kind man walked by and offered Amanda & Phill a heartfelt congratulations as they were posed snuggling on the front steps of a building! As they thanked him he made a comment about how he hoped they were into psychology because that was the building we were using as a backdrop! We were all shocked because what an amazing coincidence that both Amanda and Phill are psychologists! That just made the photos that much more meaningful for them! How lucky we were that the psychology building was so beautiful!

We had the best time with Amanda and Phill and we cannot wait for their wedding at Stony Creek Brewery in May!

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