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Two Roads Brewery Wedding

We knew from the moment we met Kat & Justin their wedding day was going to be a blast! We were right – their Two Roads Brewery Wedding was beyond fun and exciting!

When Kat and Justin came into our studio to first discuss their wedding we were overwhelmed with their love for each other. As well as their excitement about their decision to spend happily ever after together and to celebrate with their friends and family at their favorite brewery! After talking over their details and vision for the day we got a sense of what fun and easy going people they are and how much fun their special day was going to be! We were so excited to work with them and be a part of their wedding day!

Their Elizabeth Park Engagement Shoot came up quickly and it was so much fun! Filled with laughter, smiles, and their love for each other! After this time spent with them our excitement for their wedding day had grown more and more!

Time and flies and before we knew it wedding day had arrived! We were greeted by Kat’s smiling face as we arrived at the hotel to get started! Dominique got to work on detail photos of everything from her two pairs of shoes, to her stunning wedding gown, all her jewelry, invitation/save the dates, and more! As she got all those photos completed Brian and Lindsay were capturing candids and group photos of the ladies! Then it was over to the boy’s suite to hang with them for a while!

The boys were all fired up when we arrived. Our groom Justin could not have been in a better mood! He was so ready to get married! All the guys were making jokes with each other and having some beers. We took some candids of everyone hanging out and then they all started to get dressed up and ready to go. The groomsmen showed off their amazing groomsmen gifts – custom pocket watches. Justin’s Best Man Jimmy reluctantly tried his luck with ironing his pocket square and unfortunately ironing is not his strong suit. Of course there was adequate ridicule from the rest of the guys when he managed to soak everything in the process. Everyone erupted with laughter. We knew we’d be having fun with Jimmy and the rest of the groomsmen all day long!

After the leaving the boys’ room we headed back to see Kat and to get photos of her getting into her dress! With the help of her soon to be mother in law she was all zipped up in her dress and looking amazing! We made our way down to Kat’s parent’s room – as her mom had an injury and was try to rest up for the big day. Her mother was amazed by her daughter’s beauty! With some help from her mom with her earrings and other finishing touches she was ready to go! What a stunning bride!

Next we were on our way to the beach with Kat and her girls behind us and the guys were already there! Once at the beach we arranged Justin at the end of the pier for first look and made our way back to where Kat was arriving. With help from her parents out of the bus and her ladies behind her she was on her way to see her groom for the first time!

What an adorable first look! Kat is just so sweet and her energy is contagious! She laughed and smiled from ear to ear as she twirled around to show off her gorgeous wedding look. Justin was amazed and could not stop smiling as well! Next it was onto formal wedding party and family photos! We photographed family first and around us the wedding party all joked around and laughed. Next it was onto wedding party as parents made their way back to the bus. Soon it was down to just photos of Kat & Justin! Dominique had caught a glimpse earlier of the great lighting and cool look under the pier. So after some photos of Kat & Justin on the pier we headed down there quickly! Wow she was right – what a great spot for photos!

Next everyone was off to Two Roads! Once guests finished settling in our wedding party made their way out of the bus and into the brewery! Processional started off with a bang – the two adorable ring bearers reminding the ladies that they’re still single. How cute! Followed by the rest of the bridal party. Soon it was only Kat & her dad left! They made their way as everyone smiled, cried tears of happiness, and were in awe of her beauty. Justin was waiting at the end of the aisle with a huge smile on his face!

Ceremony was beautiful! These two are just too cute! After they exchanged rings and Justin recited his vows to Kat she squealed with excitement “I know I’m not supposed to yet but I just have to kiss you!” and leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. Everyone couldn’t help but burst out laughing! Soon they were making their way down the aisle as husband and wife!

Dominique and Lindsay jumped ahead to the tent to get some detail photos of the reception as Brian helped to set up Kat & Justin for their receiving line. Then we pulled a quick switch and Brian covered cocktail hour with Lindsay as Dominique made her way into the Brewery for some more portraits of the beautiful newly weds! On our way out to the tent Kat & Justin did a quick cheers with their favorite Two Roads beers! Then they grabbed a snack from the taco truck before lining up for intros! Their first dance was so heartwarming! Next Kat’s sister Yoli and Justin’s Best Man gave amazing speeches!

Dinner was not your usual plated wedding dish. Kat and Justin had a Taco Food Truck and a Pizza Food Truck cranking out delicious food all night! How fun! Guests were so excited to get some of this great food! After eating it was time for Justin and Kat to cut their wedding cake! Then Kat shared a beautiful dance with her dad and Justin had so much fun dancing with his mom! They had an anniversary dance next and then the dance floor was open for the night!

Two roads had eight of their best beers on tap as well as wine on tap for guests to enjoy! Everyone had a blast and danced all night! At the end of the evening it was time for a super fun (and pretty!) sparkler send off!

Some of the Amazing Team for Kat & Justin’s Wedding Day:

Venue: Two Roads Brewing Company

Entertainment: Mark the Shark – Shark Entertainment

Florist and Wedding Planner: Tammy Coffey

Hair & Make Up: Behind the Scenes Girls

Wedding Gown Boutique: Bliss Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Groom & Groomsmen’s Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Transportation: Gateway Limousine 

Ceremony By: Pastor Dennis

Caterer: Mercado Food Truck & Naples Pizza Truck

Cake: Lovely Cakes

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