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Wickham Park Engagement Session

It was a wonderfully warm Thursday evening in September. The perfect time for a Wickham Park Engagement Session! We made our way over to the park as the heat of the day was starting to break. As a result of the sun starting to set. We met Kimberly & Randy at the park and got started right away!

These two brought the smiles to the maximum! They could not stop laughing and having fun with each other. They were just so giddy and excited to be taking these photos together. As well as celebrating their engagement and incoming wedding! We made our way to various parts of the park and captured all the wonderful scenery as these two laughed with each other and cuddled in close. Kim & Randy found it important to their love story to do their engagement session in this Manchester park. Every love story is unique and beautiful. This is particularly important because they will be celebrating the next chapter of their love story in Manchester as well! Since they will be having their wedding at the Manchester Country Club and TODAY is the day!! 

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