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Downtown Marriott Wedding

What a beautiful Downtown Marriott Wedding! Here is a little Thursday wedding “throwback” for you all on this chilly October day! It was a day much like today in December when Chrissy & Joe decided to tie the knot! We have known Chrissy for quite some time. But after having so much fun with both her and Joe on their engagement shoot we could not have been more excited for their special day!

When we arrived at the bride’s house we were not expecting the energy that we were greeted with. We expected excitement but underestimated the impact eleven bridesmaids and one eager bride would have when greeting us! Mimosas were pouring, people were laughing, and everyone was in the best mood! Which is just the way we like it on wedding day! Brian snuck away to see the guys getting ready. Joe opened a beautiful note from Chrissy and wasted no time in putting on her gift to him – a fancy new watch!

Back at the bride’s house Chrissy read the long and heartfelt note that Joe had written to her put on her new jewels and slipped into her stunning wedding gown, veil, and gorgeous shoes she was ready to get to the church and see her groom! Her bridesmaids huddled together for one group shot on the front steps and then we were off! 

When arriving at the church the brisk winter air floated through her cathedral veil as she walked up the steps. Processional started right away and her girls took one last look at their beautiful bride then started off down the aisle. Then it as Chrissy’s turn! She glistened as she made her way down the aisle with her proud father choking back tears.

Joe was so flustered by his beautiful bride he went in to shake her hand (and Chrissy was not going to let that go unnoticed) the whole crowd erupted into laughter as Chrissy & Joe took each other’s hands and headed up to the alter. After the exchange of rings and a kiss they were married and recessing back down the aisle! When the crowd cleared we headed back to the stunning front of the church for family photos. After those everyone loaded onto the party bus and we made our way into downtown Hartford for wedding party photos.

This group of friends and family is just way too much fun! Everyone could not stop laughing while the guys and girls goofed around during the photos – us included! With careful planning on our part we did photos of the ladies first (because guys have more layers on). Then the ladies hopped back on the warm bus while we finished up with photos of the boys. And last but certainly not least some portraits of the glowing newlyweds! With everyone on the bus the last stop was the Downtown Marriott!

Cocktail hour was a blast! After it was time for introductions, first dance, speeches, and then dinner was served! Once everyone had dinner we did our group photos quickly because everyone was eager to dance! You could argue that there is no group of people as fun as Chrissy & Joe’s 400 guests! You read that right 400 people came out to celebrate with these two! Amazing!

After cake cutting it was time for dancing! The dance floor was packed all night long! What a lively group of people… with some unique dance moves! We loved every minute of watching everyone! What a spectacular wedding Chrissy & Joe had!

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