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Fall & Halloween Family Portrait

Today is Family Portrait Day on the Blog! Here is a favorite Fall & Halloween Family Portrait! Perhaps you have seen past posts of this family and have watched their adorable kiddos grow up through the years! Or maybe you caught Fay and Theo as the flower girl and ring bearer in Jen’s sister Melissa’s Mystic Wedding! If not then you are in for a treat with these adorable photos! We love to photograph Christian, Jen, Theo and Fay every year!

It is safe to say that Theo and Fay are comfortable in front of our cameras now! Perhaps it is that they have grown out of their shy phase. Or maybe it is the fact that they are used to us photographing them! On this particular shoot these two were silly and having so much fun!

We met at their house right around the corner from Elizabeth Park. After taking some photos there we made our way toward the park!

Theo and Fay were little balls of energy running about and goofing off the whole time! There is nothing like having a sibling in life! It is great to always have a partner in crime that thinks like you and understands everything about you. Without a doubt these two are two peas in a pod. They were giggling with each other and feeding off each other’s energy the whole time! 

We laid out a blanket for Theo and Fay to lay on for a few photos. But when dad joined them it was time to hop on pop! Soon the whole family was stacked up and laughing uncontrollably! We just love to capture these adorable moments that unfold naturally. As we picked up the blanket it was game on! Theo started rolling down the hill first followed by Fay doing her best to follow her big brother! On and on they rolled and then it was back to the top to start all over again.

On the way back to their house Jen scooped up Fay in her arms. Theo held his dad’s hand along the way. Their house was so festive and all decorated for Halloween! Which made for some great pictures to wrap up a fantastic shoot. We had such a fun time with this family! We definitely cannot wait for next year’s shoot!


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