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Five Month Old Photoshoot

What an amazing Five Month Old Photoshoot! Orion is one of the most adorable and the happiest babies we have EVER met! His laugh is contagious and his smile is always from ear to ear!

Brian has known Suzanne for what seems like forever! Suzanne is an amazing woman who is so kind, caring, and compassionate. No wonder why she makes an amazing mother! Suzanne has been Brian’s son Tyler’s caregiver for many years. She spent her time watching Tyler, hanging out with him, and having fun with him all day! Only recently did she stop to turn her attention onto her own son Orion!

This baby literally could not be any happier. There is no bond like the bond between a mother and her son. Suzanne and Orion are no exception. He adores her! He laughs and smiles at everything Suzanne says and every sound she makes. You can just see it in these photos! I mean look at the way he looks at her. Is that not absolutely adorable?

Orion is an adorable baby. Those baby blue eyes and those pudgy legs.. we can’t get enough of them! We decided to try something new on his shoot. We always love being innovative with “props” and “sets” and all kinds of new things in the studio! Brian is a master at finding random objects and bringing them into the studio. Most of the time Dominique will roll her eyes… but not this time! This antique door he came across made these photos amazing! It was a great contrast to the nice and clean look of the studio walls. This door added a great uniqueness and texture to these images. We cannot wait to use it for other shoots!

We loved every minute of having these two in the studio and we cannot wait for our next shoot with them!

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