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Six Month Old Photoshoot

We just love a six month old photoshoot! Little Lyla is absolutely adorable. How cute is she in with her baby blue eyes and charming smile in her little pink tutu?

We met Kristin when we were shooting a wedding at the Downtown Marriott in Hartford. She was the event coordinator for the wedding. It was amazing to work with Kristin! She is organized, kind, and has a great attention to detail. Shortly after the wedding we heard she was expecting and we could not have been happier for her! Now here we are two years later! How time flies!

Her little girl is sweet and a little shy. But mommy and daddy can get her going. She loves to clap her hands and giggle. Lyla is such a happy little girl. She was even a good sport when we dressed her up like a mermaid and tucked her into a boat. Like any six month old she is very curious. Every time we added something to the set around her she was fascinated by it. I just love the photo of her reaching for the anchor. It is so cute and just so telling of her at this age.

Kids grow up so fast! It is amazing to photograph them year to year. We had so much fun photographing Lyla and we cannot wait until next year!


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