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Glastonbury Boathouse Wedding

What a beautiful spring Saturday for a Glastonbury boathouse wedding! After getting to know Colleen & Joe during their Glastonbury engagement shoot we couldn’t be more excited for their special day!

We started off at the hotel where the boys were all getting ready. Which was right down the street from the studio!  We were greeted by a lovely group all helping each other get into their suits. And two little men (Joe’s sons) looking dashing in their dress shirts, pants, bow ties, and suspenders. Little Teyton was already grasping the ring box. He was very serious about his job as ring bearer and being the ring security for the day. How adorable! After hanging with the boys we were off to the brides house to catch up Colleen and her girls!

We were greeted by Colleen’s smiling face right as we arrived! She is just one of those people that has a insanely contagious smile and positive personality. With it being her wedding day she was the happiest we have ever seen her!

Dominique got right to work with her detail photos. Meanwhile Lindsay and Brian were busy catching candids of the ladies enjoying mimosas. Her two sisters slipped away and were cuddled up on their bed perfecting their maid of honor speech. Then it was time to get Colleen in her wedding gown!

With help from her mom and sisters she was neatly zipped and buttoned into her gown and looking stunning! After a first look with her dad and with her grandpa she read a note from Joe. After she was as even more excited to get over to the church! We took a few quick portraits of her. Then she  was outside and into her dad’s prized possession his beautiful antique car! Then we were off to the church to get ready for their ceremony.

At the church everything was in place for Colleen’s arrival! As she pulled up she got out of the bus with her mom, dad, and all her girls around her. As the ceremony started she shared a loving moment with her dad right before he walked her down the aisle. Of course, there were plenty of laughs and smiles throughout the whole ceremony. Teyton did his job beautifully as he hopped out of his seat and ran over to deliver the rings. After the lighting of the unity candle and a kiss to seal the marriage they were off back down the aisle as husband and wife!

As they made their way out of the church their guests followed them. Everyone cheered for the newlyweds as we took our signature group shot on the front steps. After some posed family photos outside we were off to the Glastonbury ferry for wedding party photos. Of course we had to get photos in front of Colleen’s dad’s work truck seeing as Joe is his (favorite) employee! After some wedding party set ups we took Colleen and Joe over in the tall grasses as the afternoon golden light was making an appearance. We got some beautiful portraits of the new Mr. & Mrs. Then it was back in the bus and over to the reception!

Along the way Colleen called us and told us to follow her to a barn she had seen the day before. As we made our way through the winding roads of South Glastonbury we came across a beautiful red barn. The barn had the words “Every end is a new beginning” written on it. What a perfect saying for Colleen today! We snapped some photos quickly and then we were on our way to the Boathouse!

As we arrived at the boathouse we got all of the wedding party down to the dock to get photos! After that it was into cocktail hour for them as Dominique made her way around to get some reception details. Then it was time for intros! Our bride and groom had the biggest smiles on their faces as all their friends and family cheered for them! Then they shared a heartwarming first dance together.

As Colleen & Joe found their seats Joe’s grandpa made his way to the microphone for a lovely toast and blessing. Colleen’s sisters were up next and they stole the show! They sang and danced to the tune of the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe.” However, they changed all the words to go with “If you wanna be our brother” & “If you wanna marry our sister!” It was amazing and hilarious. They even got Joe’s two sons involved! Up next the best man gave a funny and touching speech! Then it was a “cheers” for everyone as their dinners were served.

After dinner the bride and groom cut their wedding cake. They were definitely not nice to each other! They smashed cake in each others’ faces and even in little Teyton’s face! Parent dances were up next. Colleen and her dad shared a tearjerking dance. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room! Joe and his mom were up next and they two were beautiful to watch. Colleen and her grandpa joined in. After even Colleen and Teyton had a dance. Then the dance floor was open to everyone and it filled up quickly! After some dancing it was time for the garter and bouquet! Amazingly Joe’s son Caiden caught the garter!

What a fantastic wedding and a spectacular day! We were so happy to be a part of it!! Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs.

Part of the Amazing Team for Colleen & Joe’s special day:

Venue: Glastonbury Boathouse 

Florist: Terri Krisavage

Entertainment: Mark the Shark – Shark Entertainment

Wedding Gown: Mariella Creations

Suit: Formals by Antonio

Make Up By: Kiss & Make Up

Hair By: Kristie Cumminsky 


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