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Riverhouse Wedding

We are keeping with our Throwback theme on the blog today for this next post! Next up on our Throwback Weddings is Amanda & Todd’s Riverhouse Wedding!

It was the perfect fall day and we eagerly made our way to our bride’s house in South Glastonbury! We had been a part of every step of the way for this couple – from sneakily capturing their proposal at Gouveia Vineyards, to their engagement shoot back at Gouveia Vineyards, and now their wedding day! Along the way we got to know Amanda and Todd very well and we couldn’t wait for them to tie the knot!

We were greeted by Amanda’s smiling face when we arrived at their home! Dominique got right to work on her detail photos! We were first introduced to Todd through our connection with Baribault Jewelers in town! Raeann’s (who is part of the Baribault clan) husband Evan is friends with Todd! Once you know of this connection you can see how that explains their plethora of wedding bands! Dominique had the action at the bride’s house covered so Brain made his way down the road to where Todd and the guys were hanging out.

When Brian arrived Todd started getting ready! Once he was all dressed he sat down to open his great gifts from Amanda! Back at the bride’s house Amanda was opening her gift from Todd as well! A gorgeous Louis Vuitton handbag engraved with her new initials! Wow! Brian finished up with some photos of Todd and some of the family outside before heading back over to Amanda’s house and bringing her dad with him!

Brian arrived just in time for when Amanda was ready to get into her beautiful wedding gown! We tucked her dad away as not to ruin the surprise! With help from her mom and maid of honor she was ready and looking stunning! What an emotional first look between Amanda and her dad! After a few portraits of our beautiful bride we were on our way to Welles Shipman house to meet up with the guys and get ready for Amanda and Todd’s first look!

Once we got there we got some portraits of Todd, his groomsmen, and his dad. Then set Todd in place for Amanda to walk up to him. What a great first look! We just love the emotion involved in first looks on wedding day! These two were so happy to see each other! We quickly got into formal photos of the families and wedding party. Then packed up and headed down to East Haddam to do some more photos of the wedding party and our lovely bride and groom!

We made our way past the Riverhouse to the other side of the river! The foliage was gorgeous and such vibrant shades of yellows, oranges, and reds! We had a blast photographing this lively bunch! They were all just so excited to celebrate and be a part of Amanda and Todd’s special day! I think everyone would agree – you can’t beat that sibling photo of Amanda and her brother! Some of Amanda’s facial expressions are just priceless! We made our way over to the dock for some more set ups and then it was back on the bus with the wedding party and time for some photos of just Amanda and Todd! From the scenery to our lovely bride and groom everything was perfect – these are some of our favorite photos! Then it was off to the Riverhouse!

Once at the Riverhouse we needed to get a group photo of all the cousins and grandma! We now see that great facial expressions runs in the family! That cousins photo is epic and unlike any we have ever had the pleasure of photographing! Then it was time to tuck away our bride so that she was hidden from the guests that were starting to trickle in!

Once everyone had their seats it was time to get the ceremony started! Amanda and her dad are truly one of a kind. They have such a fun and amazing relationship! Overtime you look over at them they’re giggling together! Soon it was time for them to make their way down the aisle! Once they got to Todd Amanda’s dad went to give her hand to him and Todd refused to take it – everyone erupted into laughter! Then Todd laughed and took her hand. Ceremony was quick and to the point! They exchanged vows and rings – then Mazel Tov! They sealed it with a kiss!

After ceremony we took Amanda and Todd outside briefly for some beautiful night photos! Dominique quickly rushed around to get detail photos of the stunning reception set up! Black & White everything! They even got a custom black and white checkered dance floor! So cool! Then it was reception and party time! The newly weds made quite and entrance and their first dance was adorable. After their first dance Amanda shared a special dance with her dad. Then it was onto Toasts! Everyone made great speeches – Todd’s dad was first, followed by the maid of honor and best man, and finally Amanda’s mom! As everyone was enjoying their dinner Amanda’s parents had as special dance to their wedding song. What a unique detail! We just loved that Amanda thought to make this moment special for her parents too!

After everyone was done eating we got everyone onto the dance floor for a big group photo! Then it was dancing all night long! What an amazing wedding! We had so much fun and were so happy to be a part of it! These two are a few years into happily ever after! Dominique actually just got to relive this wedding as she worked on creating their wedding album! How special!

Part of the Amazing Team for Amanda & Todd’s Special day:

Venue: The Riverhouse


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