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Mystic Engagement Shoot

Hello Blog People! It is another special Throwback day on the blog! Today’s throwback is starting off with a very pretty Mystic Engagement shoot! This shoot goes a few years back to a lovely day in August! Where we spent the day in Mystic photographing this super fun couple – Erin & Ryan!

The day started out when we met for a cocktail at R36. An amazing spot on the water in downtown Mystic! It was beautiful! We sat outside on their deck with a fresh squeezed margarita overlooking the marina filled with boats and got to know a little bit more about Erin & Ryan. Things like how they met, how he proposed, and all about their upcoming wedding! There is something so special about being able to spend time with our clients like this! What a fun way to get to know all about them! It also makes the shoot so much more comfortable for everyone involved. It is hard to make this kind of meeting work for everyone – but we always like to try!

After finishing up at Red36 we headed out of the restaurant and it was not long until we saw a perfect dock for some photos! We made a quick stop there and then were on our way to a special spot the Erin’s mom had come across down the road!

This spot was truly a hidden gem. It was basically on an island of its own! We started off on rocks overlooking the water. With the beautiful blue sky above these photos were stunning! Then we moved onto a beach area also overlooking the water. As we wandered on we came across a building with a stonewall. This was an unexpectedly beautiful spot for some photos!

Then as we kept wandering we found some beautiful lighting near some stone steps. We could not make it more than a few feet without coming across more and more beautiful scenery for photos! The stone steps lead into a beautiful flower garden with all different colored dahlias! At this point we thought we had walked into a magical paradise. These grounds were amazing! As we moved on and the light began to soften as it approached the golden hour. We found numerous areas with various trees which made stunning scenery for their engagement photos!

Just as golden hour was about to hit we had them change into their next outfit to give some variety to the next set of photos! As soon as they were changed we set them up with the sun behind them just peeking through the trees. This lighting was amazing! It seemed to make everything glow. Next we walked over to another beach area and had Erin & Ryan snuggle into one another as they looked out on the water.

As we walked past a man who had just returned on his boat and was tying it up to the dock. He asked us what brought us to the area and when we told him we were taking photos for to celebrate their engagement he offered for Erin & Ryan to climb into his boat for a few photographs. Moments like this on an engagement shoot are so unexpected and so exciting! As they walked back down the dock we captured some great candid photos and then called out for Ryan to dip Erin – which he did perfectly!

We finished up their photos across from the dock in some pretty dunes just as the sun was about set! Then we headed to The Engine Room for dinner! What a cool spot! This was a perfect engagement shoot! Everything about it was magical! Perfect weather, perfect lighting, perfect scenery, perfect timing (and a very kind man with a boat), and a perfect couple to photograph!


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