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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! We had so much fun with this cute little reindeer girl for her holiday themed studio shoot! Little Sophie has a special place in our hearts. Her dad Nikko is also Brian’s son Tyler’s Caregiver! Tyler loves spending his days with Nikko during the studio’s business hours! They have all kinds of fun together! From driving around town, to grocery shopping, and time outside during the summer months. But for the past six months another fun thing he does throughout the day is hang out with the cutest little girl around Sophie! Or as he calls her “Salty”!

She is the happiest six month old around! Her laugh is contagious! Her dad Nikko, mom Devon, her brother Noah, and even Tyler get her giggling nonstop! What a good big brother and great sport Noah is! He could not wait to put on his reindeer ears and cuddle in close to his sister! How adorable is her reindeer onesie! We just love the photos from this photoshoot!

We had such a busy Holiday season! With lots of family portraits, parent album orders, reprint orders, canvas orders, and much more! We are so thankful for the year we had and are so excited for all that 2019 brings! We wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a WONDERFUL New Year! A special thank you to all of our clients we love creating lasting images and memories with all of you!

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