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Two Year Old Photo Shoot

Oh the wonders involved in a Two Year Old Photo Shoot! What is more precious than a Birthday shoot in the Studio to capture this adorable brand new two year old. Not to mention one of the most adorable and lively two year olds we’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. I mean look at the excitement and energy in these photos!

Her creative mother Samantha came up with a Fruit theme for her Birthday Party and what an adorable set that made for the shoot! Also how could a two year old not have a blast with over a dozen balloons the size of her! Wow! Little Lilliana’s personality is just marvelous. It was so thrilling to witness the continual hum of her laughter, her numerous “look at this!’ remarks, and her amazing want to be independent!

This little girl definitely puts a whole new adorable meaning to the phrase “she has a mind of her own.” She had her own ideas for mommy’s cute props. Of course the sign emphasizing all of the extraordinary facts about Lilliana was also a toy to play with and did not belong on it’s stand. In addition to that, the balloons weren’t meant merely as a backdrop for these fun photos. They were to be hidden in and played peek-a-boo with! (Honestly how cute are those photos? They’re definitely some of our favorites!) And last but not least this little girl knows the proper way to wear a party hat… even a balloon weight version!

The surprise at the end made this shoot event more special and memorable. They’re expecting another baby! Lilliana is definitely excited to be a big sister. We are equally as excited for this adorable family who welcomed a new little girl last month! Stay tuned for Harper’s newborn photos coming soon!


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Props for this shoot purchased from: Etsy & Party City


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