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Two Year Old Studio Shoot

How adorable is this Two Year Old Studio Shoot? Brooke is the most adorable little girl! She started off shy while we were in the studio. We just love the photo of her hiding behind her hands! (But still peeking)  It is a very honest depiction of the innocence of children. How unsure they are of their surroundings yet still curious to find out.How cute and how telling it is of children at the age of two.

It didn’t take long for Brooke to start having fun though! In the next few images you can see her adorable smile and her model attitude while lounging on our backdrop. And by the time we were outside she was really being her true self! Between giggling and dancing around the yard and curiously poking around near the studio’s pond – she was having a blast! She almost did not want to leave when her grandma Susan said it was time to go!

We cannot wait until our next photoshoot with Brooke! It is amazing to see how much a two year old can change in a year! (Even in a few days!)


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