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Dancing Sisters Studio Shoot

This dancing sisters studio shoot was something special! Brian being a little brother, Dominique being both a younger sister and older sister, and Lindsay being a twin sister it’s safe to say that we are experts in all things siblings. But witnessing this family’s passion for dancing was like no other – from mother to daughter to now little sister all following each other’s footsteps and all cheering each other on. How inspiring! The second we greeted Lexi, Abby, and mom Heather at the studio door we could not have been more excited to get the shoot started! Especially after having so much fun with our last Dancer Shoot.

Older sister Lexi has been dancing since she was three years old and this is her third year competing as a dancer! Right behind her is her little sister Abby! She has been dancing since she was two and this will be year one of competing for her. (And I’m sure this is the first of many!)

Like all siblings these two have their similarities and differences – Lexi prefers Jazz and Abby loves ballet! But there was an undeniable love between these two as they both became comfortable in front of the camera and fed off each other’s energy and excitement. As a photographer that’s all you can hope for.. then suddenly bam! Our photos came to life – full of fun, excitement, and of course personality!

These two had so much fun together! With some help from their #dancemom… they were unstoppable. Move after move. Pose after pose. Amazing outfit after amazing outfit. (And who could forget giggle after giggle?)

What a blast we had with Lexi and Abby! We love how fun these photos are! We cannot wait to see these two grow not only as dancers but as sisters!

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