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Vendor Spotlight – Butch Gray DJ

We always get the question: who do we recommend for Wedding Vendors? So why not share all our favorites here?! First up for our Vendor Spotlight – Butch Gray DJ!

Butch is the ABSOLUTE BEST for a million reasons!

What we look for in a DJ is the following:

  • The ability to read the crowd and play what everyone NEEDS TO HEAR!
  • Always keeping it professional – a simple one but it is all too easy to get caught up in a good party!
  • The ability to “not make it about them” – this one is important to us & our brides/grooms! Many DJ’s are also emcees and there is a place for this in the industry OF COURSE, however, at a Wedding we love to see it be about our couple!
  • Keeping up with all the latest music!
  • Being aware of the other Vendors! When working a Wedding it is a team effort between all vendors. Communication between the DJ, Venue, & Photographer is KEY. This is only in the best interest of our couple.

Butch does all this and MORE!

We talked to Butch to ask him directly a few things about himself & his DJ-ing! Here is what he said:

  1. Tell us about yourself! What made you want to become a DJ? When I was a kid, my Uncle Paul gave me a tape recorder for my birthday. I figured out how to create and edit music and sounds to tell a story. The rest is history! I started DJ-ing at 8 years old and got my big break at 19. On Spring Break with my buddies, they worked on getting a DJ Drunk and getting me on the 1s and 2s! Thank you Rich, Chip, Paul, Joes, and George, Especially George because I lost his fake ID that same night!
  2. Do you have any hobbies/interests besides DJ-ing?  I am also a Dad, I married my high school sweetheart and we have 5 kids! I love ❤️ them all so much and am very grateful for everything that we have. I’m into exercise and fitness, thank goodness! If it weren’t for that, I’d never be able to do the MOBILE DJ thing. It’s a lot of lifting and moving gear before and after the event. I also love baseball, basketball, and the Boston Red Sox & Boston Celtics. I’m not playing pickup as much as I used to these days but am always ready to play! I have a BA in Sociology with a concentration in criminal justice. A few relatives are lawyers and seeing them not so happy, I decided to go my own route.
  3. What is your favorite part about being a DJ? Being the person that is playing the right song at the right time. Knowing that I’m the guy that got all those people dancing is very cool. I can tell you so many stories but I wouldn’t want to leave any out.
  4. Since starting out what is one thing you have learned through your years as a DJ? Being unique is a good thing. Take advice and learn from others but use the knowledge to boost your own creativity. Commitment is key! I tore my ACL, had it surgically repaired on a Monday and Dj-ed a Wedding at the Aqua Turf THAT Saturday, with my crew of course!
  5. What new trends have you been seeing at your recent weddings? Fewer formalities take place. Not many garter tosses or drawn out intros. People hire me because they want to dance!

For info about Butch Gray DJ & to secure him for your upcoming Wedding visit his website!

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