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Boston Engagement Shoot

We just love the opportunity to shoot in new places, discover new areas, and add some fabulous new images to our archives. We are all huge fans of Boston! Brian loves the Red Sox and visiting Boston! To Dominique it is a new place she calls home as she moved there a little over a year ago! And to Lindsay it is a fun opportunity to explore the city! So of course we jumped on the opportunity for a Boston engagement shoot! Of course it did not disappoint!

We met Stephanie & Michael in Seaport and then walked with them to a special spot – The Harbor walk! It has stunning views of downtown Boston and is along the water! It was a chilly, windy day in May but despite the cold we were so excited to start taking photos! Right away we knew we were going to have fun with Stephanie & Michael ! Stephanie’s mom Jacqueline connected us with Stephanie & Michael. She met us in the studio and booked us as the photographers for wedding! Jacqueline is one of a kind! She is so funny and always speaks her mind! So when she told us that we would have fun with Stephanie & Michael we did not doubt it!

When we got started on photos we just loved Stephanie & Michael’s playful banter and after hearing their engagement story there was no doubt they were our kind of couple! After some snuggly photos along the harbor walk we headed toward downtown. We made a brief stop at the envoy hotel for an outfit change and then we were on our way in search of more city views and waterfront areas! Which lucky for us, Boston is full of!

We headed toward the Boston tea party museum and then over the bridge to downtown right near the Boston Harbor hotel!  We kept coming across more and more stunning scenery! After finishing up over by the Boston Harbor hotel we headed back toward Seaport. Along the bridge back we stopped for some more pictures! Then all of a sudden in the distance we heard something… not one but three helicopters were coming our way! Just as they were flying overhead we had Stephanie & Michael kiss for a perfectly unexpected favorite shot!

After the shoot we stopped into an awesome Mediterranean style bar called Committee! We talked more about Stephanie & Michael as a couple, their upcoming wedding, and shared some of our favorite wedding stories as we all enjoyed some amazing craft cocktails to close out an amazing afternoon and evening!

We cannot wait for Stephanie & Michael to get married this March! Their wedding is going to be a blast!

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