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Fall Mount Killington Wedding

On a lovely crisp fall Friday afternoon we loaded all our gear and headed up to Vermont for our first destination Wedding in a while! We just had to participate in some fall Vermont fun along the way!  First stop was the Vermont Country store! Next we took a drive to the top of Okemo Mountain!

As we arrived at Mount Killington resort we were greeted by the most excited Bride to be! We settled into our hotel rooms and then got ready to head downstairs for the rehearsal! After rehearsal the wedding party & families headed off to their rehearsal dinner down the road and we settled in for a good night’s sleep – big day in the morning! As we awoke it was a beautiful day! The perfect day for a Fall Mount Killington Wedding! We headed down the road to the cutest little country diner and had a chat about the amazing day to come over some coffee & breakfast!

Back at the Lodge we grabbed our cameras and headed off to where our Bride was getting ready! Caitlyn and her girls were smiling ear to ear as we came in! Dominique went right to work with her detail images! And oh the amazing scenery she had to work with! The mountains were at peak foliage and her bridal bouquet was absolutely stunning! Meanwhile Brian headed over to where Thomas and his groomsmen were getting ready! He snapped away with wonderful candid photos of the guys. Next it was already time for Caitlyn to get into her wedding gown!

With the help of her mom and her sister she was ready in no time! Outside her Dad anxiously awaited seeing his little girl for the first time. As she tapped him on the shoulder to turn around he did his very best to hold back tears! Then it was time for Thomas to get into place for the first look with his beautiful Bride but little did he know what his darling Bride had in store for him!

Caitlyn had arranged for a kind and brave gentleman to put on a Wedding gown and trick Thomas FIRST! And boy did she trick him! As Brian called for Thomas to grab his beautiful Bride’s hands and really soak in the moment all the friends and family nearby did their very best not to burst out laughing! When Thomas finally turned around he was insanely shocked and couldn’t help but to crack up at the prank! Caitlyn snuck a peek of the whole incident from the window! Finally it was time for the real First Look!

A skeptical Thomas turned around yet again and anticipated seeing his Bride for the first time! But it was worth the wait because when he did get to see her he was overcome with joy! Then it was time to get all the family ready for photos! What better place to do family photos than with the picturesque Mountain behind and the lake reflecting all the wonderful Fall colors!

Following the family photos it was time for some quick photos of the Wedding party. Then soon enough it was time to tuck our Bride & Groom inside for guests to start taking their seats for ceremony! To the guests surprise there was not a traditional flower girl for this ceremony. The bride’s cousin was a “Flower Man” and he took this position very seriously! He skipped, hopped, and leapt down the aisle scattering flower petals all around! All the guests would not hold back their laughter! The ceremony was preformed by the Bride & Groom’s close friend & Groomsman Todd who they admitted is a bit of a Wild Card. However, Todd held a wonderful ceremony and soon Caitlyn & Thomas were pronounced Husband & Wife! All the guests gathered for a Group photo directly following the Ceremony!

Following Ceremony it was time for some more Wedding Party photos! What a wonderful group of friends and siblings these two have! They were willing to do whatever we suggested for photos! Including the long walk across the bridge and even climbing the bridge at one point! We let the Wedding Party take a break and enjoy some cocktails as we then took Caitlyn & Thomas for some portraits alone!

Dominique had scoped out the perfect spot along the bottom of the Mountain! We nestled them in amongst all the stunning Fall foliage and just captured the most amazing images! As we made our way back to the group a few mountain bikers were passing by. Brian called to them to jump in a photo and they did not hesitate to join in the fun!

We made our way back to the other side of the lake and everyone joined in the cocktail hour as Dominique headed inside to her room shots & Reception Details! The room was gorgeous! With window views of the mountain, Fall florals on every table, and complete with a ski-lift to sit in!

All the guests made their way from cocktail hour to their seats and soon it was time to Introduce all the family, Wedding party, and most importantly the Newlyweds! After they made their grand entrance they dance for the first time as Husband & Wife!

Next the bride’s Father greeted all the guests & thanked them for making the trip up to celebrate! He surprised everyone with his Mic drop at the end! Caitlyn couldn’t help but laugh when she realized he had written his Welcome on a notepad he found in his hotel room. There couldn’t be anything more “her dad.” Thomas’s Brother was next to give a toast to the Bride & Groom! Then it was time for dinner to be served! After dinner we took a moment for our larger group photos including extended family & Thomas’s Volunteer Firefighter buddies! After the newlyweds cut their wedding cake. However, they did not play nice they were sure to shove the cake at each other! Caitlyn and her dad shared a special dance as well as Thomas and his mom.

Finally it was time for the dance floor to open to everyone! Their guests danced the night away! What an absolutely wonderful and perfect day for Caitlyn & Thomas! We were certainly so happy to be a part of it!

Part of the Team for Caitlyn & Thomas’s Special Day:

Venue: Mount Killington Resort

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